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Teamsters Joint Council 41
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September 02, 2014
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James R. Hoffa Essay Application Expires 9-30-2014
Please click on the link below for the James R. Hoffa Essay Application and Instructions. Deadline is September 30, 2014
Download: JRH 2014 Essay Application-Englishcomplete- 2014.pdf
Cedar Point Discount Tickets are now available for the 2014 season
Please click on the link below for additional information regarding how to purchase discount tickets.
Download: Cedar Point Discount Tickets - 2014.pdf
Teamsters Ohio DRIVE Endorsements



May 6th Primary and November 4th, 2014 General Election

Cuyahoga County County Executive  - Armond Budish

Cuyahoga County Council (District 3) -  Dan Brady

Cuyahoga County Council (District 7) -  Yvonne M. Conwell

Cuyahoga County Council (District 9) -  Shontel Brown

Cuyahoga County Council (District 11) -  Sunny Simon

Court of Appeals (8th District)     -       Anita Laster Mays

Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Michael Russo

Court of Common Pleas (General Division)  - Nancy Fuerst

Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Sherrie Miday

Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Nancy Mc Donnell

Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Brendan Sheehan

Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Robert McClelland

Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Nancy Margaret Russo

Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Shannon Gallagher

Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Deena Calabrese

Court of Common Pleas (General Division) - Joan Synenberg

Court of Common Pleas (Domestic Relations Division) - Rosemanry Grdina Gold

Court of Common Pleas (Domestic Relations Division) - Leslie Ann Celebrezze

Court of Common Pleas (Domestic Relations Division) - Francine Goldberg

Court of Common Pleas (Probate Division) - Anthony J. Russo

Court of Common Pleas (Probate Division) - Laura J. Gallagher

Cuyahoga County Council  (District 10) -   Anthony T. Hairston

Teamsters Blood Bank will be held May 14, 15, 16 & 17, 2014 located at Teamsters Joint Council 41  6051 Carey Drive, Valley View, Ohio 44125. Please see attached flyer for additional information.
Download: Teamsters Blood Bank Flyer.pdf
TEAMSTERS OHIO D.R.I.V.E ENDORSEMENTS November, 2013 General Election



November 5, 2013 - General Election

                                                              Revised 10/24/2013

Cuyahoga County Executive (2014 Election)

Armond D. Budish

Beachwood, (City of)

Merle S. Gorden - Mayor

Bedford, (City of)

Stan Koci - Council at Large

Warner Batten - Ward 1 - Member of Council

Tim Tench - Board of Education

Berea, (City of)

Mary K. Brown - President of Council

Dale A. Lange - Member of Council at Large

Dean W. Van Dress - Member of Council at Large

Margarette S. Key - Ward 1 - Member of Council

Nick Haschka - Ward 2 - Member of Council

Richard T. Malott - Ward 5 - Member of Council

Brecksville/Broadview Heights

George J. Balasko - Board of Education

Broadview Heights, (City of)

Jim Giomini - Member of Council at Large

Joe Price - Member of Council at Large

Thomas Pavlica - Ward 1 - Member of Council

Robert A. Boldt - Ward 4 - Member of Council

Brooklyn Heights (City of)

Mike S. Procuk - Mayor

Brook Park, (City of)

Thomas J. Coyne, Jr. - Mayor

Anthony D’Amico - Member of Council at Large

Richard A. Salvatore - Member of Council at Large

Brian Higgins - Ward 4 - Member of Council

Cleveland, (City of) For Member of Council

Joe Cimperman - Ward 3

Mamie J. Mitchell - Ward 6

Michael D. Polensek - Ward 8

Kevin Conwell - Ward 9

Jeff Johnson - Ward 10

Dona Brady - Ward 11

Kevin Kelley - Ward 13

Brian Cummins - Ward 14

Matt Zone - Ward 15

Martin J. Sweeney - Ward 16

Martin J. Keane - Ward 17

Cleveland, (City of)

Frank G. Jackson - Mayor

Cleveland Municipal Court

Raymond L. Pianka - Municipal Court Judge

Jazmin Torres-Lugo - Municipal Court Judge

East Cleveland - Mayor

Gary A. Norton, Jr.

Fairview Park, (City of)

Mark St. John - Board of Education ?

Garfied Heights, (City of)

Vic Collova - Mayor

Bob Dobies - Board of Education

Lyndhurst, City of

Joseph A. Gambatese - Ward 2 - Member of Council

Middleburg Heights, (City of)

Gary W. Starr - Mayor

Martin S. Healey - Ward 3 - Member of Council

North Olmsted, (City of)

Thomas O’Grady - Mayor

North Royalton, (City of)

Paul F. Marnecheck, II - Ward 4 - Member of Council

Olmsted Township

Thomas J. Cole - Township Trustee

Sherri A. Lippus - Township Trustee

Parma, (City of)

Deanna O’Donnell - Municipal Court Judge

Sean P. Brennan - President of Council

Thomas Mastroianni - Treasurer

Vito Dipierro - Ward 1 - Member of Council

Deborah A. Lime - Ward 2 -Member of Council

Mark C. Casselberry - Ward 3 - Member of Council

Brian D. Day - Ward 4 - Member of Council

Allan J. Divis - Ward 5 - Member of Council

Larry Napoli - Ward 6 - Member of Council

Brian Brochetti - Ward 7 - Member of Council

Scott M. Tuma - Ward 8 - Member of Council

Jeffrey A. Crossman - Ward 9 - Member of Council

Lynn Halloran - Board of Education

Leo Palaibis - Board of Education

Kathleen A. Petro - Board of Education

Parma Heights, (City of)

Mike Byrne - Mayor

Lesley Ann DeSouza - Ward 2 - Member of Council

JoAnn B. Koch - Ward 3 - Member of Council

Marie Gallo - Ward 4 - Member of Council

Rocky River

Jeanne Gallagher - Clerk of Municipal Court

Seven Hills, (City of)

Frank J. Petro - Council at Large

Matt Trafis - Council at Large

Joseph M. Tripi - Ward 2 - Member of Council

Strongsville, (City of)

Joseph C. DeMio - Council at Large

Valley View (Village of)

Jerry Piasecki - Mayor

Artie Stollings - Member of Council

Daniel Westfall - Member of Council

Westlake, (City of)

Dennis M. Clough - Mayor

Shamus Cusick - Ward 1 - Member of Council


Download: Teamsters Joint Council 41 News Release Ohio D.R.I.V.E. Endorsements Cuyahoga County-Revised 10-22-13.pdf



If this is your first visit or a long-standing member, we welcome you to the Joint Council 41 website.

Joining the Teamsters allows each employee to have a united voice at your place of employment, while never relinquishing personal representation in a private manner.

As a Teamster, and a member of one of Joint Council No. 41's twenty-seven (27) locals, you have the support of 1.4 million working men and women and their families nation wide fighting for "Dignity and Respect" at your workplace.

As you will see in following pages our Locals represent hundreds of diverse industries covering a large geographical area throughout the state of Ohio.

Please enjoy our website and welcome to the Teamsters!! 



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Current Campaigns
  • Teamsters are standing together to protect good jobs as Sysco, the country’s largest foodservice provider, attempts to purchase its only national competitor, US Foods. Join our campaign to demand that Sysco and US Foods honor their agreements with 11,500 Teamsters and protect the livelihoods of the men and women who make these companies leaders in the industry. LIKE our Facebook page, here.

  • Taylor Farms workers in Tracy, California are standing up against poverty wages, disrespect and severe violations of their most basic rights. These 900 food processing workers in the Central Valley cut, wash and package salads and other products for the largest supplier of fresh-cut produce in the country. They feed the customers of major grocers, retailers and restaurant chains, including Walmart and McDonald’s.

    With a revenue of $1.8 billion in 2012, Taylor Farms can afford to treat its workers in Tracy with dignity and pay fair wages, just like their Teamster coworkers have at Taylor Farms’ facilities in Salinas, California. But when workers came together to organize with Teamsters Local 601, the company responded mercilessly. It fired, harassed, and punished workers for supporting the union. The company threatened immigrant workers with deportation, hiring an army of union-busters to run a non-stop fear campaign. During an NLRB election for union representation, Taylor Farms deployed a goon squad of supervisors to intimidate workers. The company’s violations were so egregious that the Labor Board impounded ballots while it investigates hundreds of Unfair Labor Practice charges.

    Workers in Tracy, following in the footsteps of labor leader and civil rights icon Cesar Chavez, are taking their fight to the public. The workers’ struggle for a better life for their families is supported by Teamsters in California and nationwide. We are building a movement for respect for the workers who feed America.

    ¡Si Se Puede!

  • The 2014 elections are right around the corner and this is your headquarters for the Teamsters Vote 2014 program. The page provides information on registering to vote, news about the Teamsters Vote 2014 campaign and a legislative scorecard that shows how your Member of Congress and Senators voted on the issues that matter to Teamster members and America’s working families.

  • Taxi drivers in Washington, D.C. are fed up!

    After years of unfair regulations and lack of respect, we are fighting back by forming the Washington, D.C. Taxi Operators Association. Our association will be backed by Teamsters Local 922 and the 1.4 million-member International Brotherhood of Teamsters.

  • The Teamsters have stood in solidarity with worker struggles in other countries since our founding. With economic globalization, our ability to organize increasingly depends on our ability to build alliances with workers on a global scale.
    More than ever, Teamsters are organizing and bargaining with multi-national companies. A key objective of our Global Strategies Campaign is to build strong alliances with unions around the globe who organize and bargain with common employers. Our focus is on workers in the emerging global supply chains – the infrastructure of globalization.
    Globalization creates new opportunities for international worker solidarity. We seek common cause with workers around the world to build social justice for all workers and the communities in which they live.

  • This web page provides information on our fight against fast-track legislation. The measure requires Congress to take only a quick up-or-down vote on secret trade deals like the Trans-Pacific Partnership and does not allow such agreements to be amended. It limits Congress’ constitutionally mandated oversight of such trade deals and lets others decide what’s best for America. The result is fewer good-paying U.S. jobs and unsafe food and products for Americans. Read more to find out why fast track is the wrong track for Teamsters and America.

Teamsters Joint Council 41
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