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January 15, 2021
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Officers & Staff
Patrick J. Darrow



Married with 2 children

Third Generation Teamster

Teamster member since 1985

Served various full-time positions within the Teamsters and Teamsters Local Union No. 348 since 1988

  • Currently Secretary Treasurer & Business Manager of Teamsters Local No. 348
  • Trustee of Teamsters Local 348 Health & Welfare Fund for over 20 years
  • Past President of Tri-County Building Trades
  • President of Ohio Conference of Teamsters
  • Co-Chairman of Ohio UPS Division
  • Member of the National UPS Negotiating Committee
  • Central Region UPS Grievance Committee member and negotiating committee
  • 2003 appointed as one of three (3) State Labor Leader to the Unemployment Compensation Advisory Council
  • President of OHIO D.R.I.V.E.
  • Appointed to the Ohio Transportation Review Advisory Council (TRAC)
  • Serves on various Community Boards and Charitable Events

Vice President
David D. Dudas



Dave started his career in 1975 as a Driver/Salesman for Mazzones Bakery. In 1976 he moved to Dolly Madison and was their Steward from 1977 to 1979. In 1979 he moved to Schwebels Baking Co. where he was elected Union Steward from 1982 thru 1990. In 1988 he was elected to the Executive Board of Teamsters Local 52 as a Trustee. Since 1990, Dave has advanced his career with Local 52 and became the Secretary Treasurer/Principal Officer in 2003. Dave has also attended Labor Studies and Labor Classes at Ohio State University, Cleveland State University as well as Tri-C. Dave is married and has 2 children. 

  • 1990-1991         Teamsters Local 52 Vice President & Business Representative
  • 1992-2002         Teamsters Local 52 President & Business Representative
  • 2003-Present   Teamsters Local 52 Secretary Treasurer & Principal Officer
  • 1990-Present   Trustee Teamsters Local 52 Pension Fund
  • 1990-Present   Chairman Teamsters Local 52 Health & Welfare
  • 1990-Present   Delegate of Teamsters Joint Council 41
  • 2000-2011         Director of Teamsters Joint Council 41
  • 1990-Present    Delegate of the Ohio Conference of Teamsters
  • 1990-Present    Delegate to National Bakery Conference
  • 1993-1997         Trustee Joint Council 41 - Sports Committee
  • 1997-Present    Elected President of the Ohio Teamsters Sports Committee
  • 2003-2009         Elected Advisor to the Teamsters National Bakery/Laundry Executive Board
  • 2003-Present    I.B.T. Central Region Representative-Bakery/Laundry Division
  • 2003-Present    Ohio Conference of Teamsters Bakery Division Chairman
  • 2004-Present    Director - Ohio Conference of Teamsters
  • 2005-Present    I.B.T. Food Processing Policy Member
  • 2009-2010         Elected Recording Secretary of the Teamsters National Bakery & Laundry Conference USA & Canada
  • 2010-Present    Elected Chairman of the Teamsters National Bakery & Laundry Conference USA & Canada
  • 2011                    Appointed Trustee - Teamsters Joint Council 41



Secretary Treasurer
Travis W. Bornstein







  • Active Teamsters Member Local No. 24 since 1988

  • President and Principal Officer Local No. 24 since 1999

  • Business Agent/Organizer Local No. 24 since 1996

  • Secretary Treasurer - Teamsters Joint Council No. 41

  • Recording Secretary - Ohio Conference of Teamsters

  • Trustee - Ohio Conference of Teamsters Health and Welfare Fund

  • Trustee - Ohio Teamsters Strike Fund

  • Chairman of the Finance Committee - Ohio Teamsters Strike Fund

  • Chairman Akron City - Local Cartage Grievance Committee

  • Served as Chairman of Ohio Joint State - Private Carriage Committee

  • Served as Chairman of Ohio Joint State - Over the-Road and Local Cartage Grievance Committee

  • Served as Chairman of the Ohio Highway Drivers Council

  • Served as Chairman of the Central Region Local Cartage Grievance Committee for the National Freight Division

  • Member of the Central Region Local Cartage Negotiating Committee for the National Master Freight Agreement:  For the Period: April 1, 2008 through March 31, 2013

  • Served as Personal Representative for the General President of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters 

  • Graduate from the Teamsters Leadership Academy – extensive training on contract negotiations, labor laws, organizing, local union planning, time management, contract language and communications

  • Completed seminars in Central States Health, Welfare and Pension Plans

  • Completed seminars from the US Department of Labor on union officer’s responsibilities and the Ohio Secretary of State on campaign finance reporting

  • Completed seminars on Effective Negotiating Strategies
  • Trustee Teamsters Ohio D.R.I.V.E.

  • Member of D.R.I.V.E.

  • Former Dock/Yard Steward - Roadway Express

  • Honorably discharged from the United States Marine Corps after four years of active duty, was meritoriously promoted to the rank of sergeant (E-5) at the age of twenty-one; graduated from Non-Commissioned Officers Leadership School in the top 6% of the class – clearly an indication of Reliability, Leadership and Character

Recording Secretary
Nick "Sonny" Nardi



Service to labor

  • Since 1981, member, International Brotherhood of Teamsters. Served in a number of leadership positions in Local 416.
  • 1986-89, Trustee and Business Agent
  • 1989-92, Business Agent
  • 1992-95, Vice President
  • 1996-2006, Secretary-Treasurer
  • 2007-Present, President & Principal Officer

RTA experience

  • Joined the RTA Board of Trustees August, 2006.
  • Appointed by Cuyahoga County Commissioners in 2006 and 2008.
  • Re-appointed by County Executive and County Council in 2011 and 2014.
  • Resigned August, 2018 - Serving 12 years.

Active in the community

  • 2000-Present, Teamsters Secretary-Treasurer, Ohio Democratic Republican Independent Voter Education, or D.R.I.V.E., the political voice of the Ohio Teamsters.
  • 2000-2011, Director of public relations, Ohio Conference of Teamsters.
  • 2003-2006, Labor Advisory Council for Gov. Taft.
  • 2005-2015, Political Director/LEARN coordinator, Joint Council 41.
  • 2007, Appointed to the Democratic National Committee, representing Ohio, for one term.
  • 2007-2016, Appointed to the Executive Committee, Ohio Democratic Party.
  • 2009-2017, Executive Board Member to Parma Southwest Area Committee on Political Education (C.O.P.E.)
  • 2011-Present, Became National Field Representative for the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
  • 2011 and 2016, Served as Co-Chair and Sergeant at-Arms for the national convention of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters.
  • 2013-2016, Appointed to the Executive Committee of the Cuyahoga County Democratic Party.
  • 2014-2016, Trustee, Teamsters Joint Council No. 41.
  • 2016-Present, Recording Secretary, Joint Council No. 41
  • 2016-2017, Trustee, United Labor Agency.


  • 1978, graduated from Parma High School, where he was a star athlete. He was later named that school's "Halfback of the Decade."

Doyle Baird



Mr. Baird has been a member of the International Brotherhood of Teamsters for 16 years. He has served in a number of leadership positions in Teamsters Local 92 and the Ohio Conference of Teamsters.

  • Currently, Mr. Baird is President of Teamsters Local 92, Construction Chairman for the Ohio Conference of Teamsters, Director of the Ohio Conference of Teamsters, Sergeant of Arms of the East Central Ohio Building and Construction Trades Council and President of Truck Drivers Local 92 PAC.
  • Mr. Baird is married with four beautiful girls. He enjoys, hunting, fishing and the outdoors.
  • Formerly, Mr. Baird was employed by Fleming Foods, ABF and Fresh Mark.
  • 2002-2004 Trustee of Teamsters Local 92
  • 2004-2007 Business Representative of Teamsters Local 92
  • 2008-2012 Recording Secretary of Teamsters Local 92
  • 2012 - Present  President of Teamsters Local 92

Carl Pecoraro



Carl Pecoraro has been a member of Teamsters Local 507 for over 33 years. He started with Teamsters Local 507 as a warehouseman at The George Worthington Company. Carl currently serves the members of Local 507 as Secretary Treasurer and Principal Officer of the Local as well as Chairman of the Cleveland Bakers and Teamsters Health & Welfare, Pension and CER Funds.

He also serves as Chairman of the Teamsters Local 507 CER Fund. He has served the membership of Local 507 in numerous capacities over the last 30 years including business agent and organizer. Carl also sits as a Director of the Warehouse Division for the Ohio Conference of Teamsters. Carl has been happily married 30+ years to wife Amy and has four children, Abby, Cory, Aryn and Collin.

Dennis Roberts



  • Dedicated Teamster member since 1986

  • Worked at UPS as a part-time employee, full-time combination employee and package car driver. Also work on the dock at Yellow Freight, Central Transport and various other freight companies.

  • Officer of Teamsters Local 407 since 2000.

  • Business Representative of Teamsters Local 407 since 2003.

  • President and Principal Officer of Teamsters Local 407 since June 2014. 
  • Trustee on the Ohio Conference of Teamsters Executive Board.
  • Served on the National and Central Region UPS Negotiating Committees for three UPS contracts.
  • Chairman of the UPS Central Region Panel April 2017.
  • Assigned as a personal representative in June 2019.
  • Trustee of Joint Council 41.

Dave Richmond



Office Staff
Susan Morris , Mary Zart, Pamela Bednarski



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International Brotherhood of Teamsters-Washington, DC
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Teamster Benefits
Current Campaigns
  • This Web page provides the latest updates for the national contract, riders and supplements that cover about 3,500 Teamsters at DHL Express.

  • We Are eXPOsing XPO’s Global Greed

    XPO Logistics is a top ten global logistics and transportation company with annual revenue of $15 billion and 89,000 employees, another 10,000 workers classified as independent contractors, and thousands more working for firms that subcontract with XPO. We are the REAL workers at XPO Logistics worldwide exposing the truth about the company’s global greed, illegal wage theft, unsafe conditions, and abhorrent and vicious anti-worker, anti-union tactics. 

    This greed includes mistreating former Con-way Freight workers in the United States who are being kept in the dark about terminal closures and layoffs, and the company’s illegal refusal to bargain contracts and denying their workers’ federally protected right to organize. It also includes port, rail and last-mile drivers around the country and in Southern California fighting wage theft in excess of $200 million because they are misclassified as independent contractors and denied the right to form their union. This greed has caused numerous lawsuits and strikes.  Greed also means an unsafe workplace and mistreating its warehouse employees.

    XPO’s greed extends to Europe beginning with breaking its promise to not layoff any workers for at least 18 months. French workers and the unions have been fighting back against XPO’s disrespect, lies and attempts to slash jobs. Similar struggles are taking place in Great Britain, Spain, Belgium, the Netherlands, and across Europe.

    Join the worldwide struggle now! Get involved with this campaign by joining the Facebook group “XPO Exposed.”

    Together, we can eXPOse the company’s global greed and win fairness, respect and dignity for tens of thousands of XPO employees around the world!

  • This page provides the latest contract information to the 7,500 Teamsters—drivers, dockworkers and office staff—employed by ABF Freight System, Inc.

  • Workers’ pensions are being endangered by both Congress and those charged with overseeing them. The Teamsters and our members are standing united to say “No!” to cuts and “Yes!” to greater retirement security!

  • The ‘Let’s Get America Working!’ campaign seeks to restore a dynamic and prosperous middle class to drive economic growth by helping to advance policy decisions that create and maintain good middle-income jobs, guarantee retirement security, expand access to the American Dream, and ensure that the benefits of the ongoing economic recovery are felt by the many, not just the few.

  • This webpage provides information on the Teamsters Union’s legislative advocacy at both the federal and state level as well as our field activity to support those policy positions and to get strong labor candidates elected to office.  Among other resources, you will find our federal legislative scorecard, formal statements of policy position and communications to Capitol Hill,  a weekly update on federal legislative happenings, an overview of bills we are tracking at the state level, and quick links to take action on priority issues.

  • This web page provides information on the ongoing effort to renegotiate the North American Free Trade Agreement (NAFTA). Since 1994, NAFTA has devastated working families, putting corporate profits ahead of people.  What’s worse is that NAFTA has become the blueprint for all other trade agreements, from the way that it was negotiated in secret, to the bad provisions that have made their way into every agreement that has been signed since then.  Now, NAFTA is being renegotiated and we demand that it be reframed to work for workers instead of corporate interests.

  • The Teamsters have stood in solidarity with worker struggles in other countries since our founding. With economic globalization, our ability to organize increasingly depends on our ability to build alliances with workers on a global scale.
    More than ever, Teamsters are organizing and bargaining with multi-national companies. A key objective of our Global Strategies Campaign is to build strong alliances with unions around the globe who organize and bargain with common employers. Our focus is on workers in the emerging global supply chains – the infrastructure of globalization.
    Globalization creates new opportunities for international worker solidarity. We seek common cause with workers around the world to build social justice for all workers and the communities in which they live.

  • The contributions of black members to the success of the Teamsters Union are numerous, varied and as old as the union itself. This month, the Teamsters Union spotlights some of those contributions.

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